• I drew a scene from this movie called Captain America: The Winter Soldier for YayLA: Legends Every Day. They’re a cool group led by Daniel Antonio Barron. Check it check it.


  • Was aiming for She-Hulk, but I ended up with a fused, female version of Squall and Zell from Final Fantasy VIII.


  • Remember the time I ruined that She-Hulk drawing I did?

  • Before you go…

    I started continuing main work on the rest of our deities for Style Olympus.


  • Pip in good company with @distoart and the bulldozer #StayGrimey #StickerGame #StaySticky

  • Hay.

    I made these drawings this week. If you wanna scoop ‘em up for a friend or a sibling or someone who likes things, email me! narc@narcisoespiritu.com is the way.

    ~Daredevil $40
    ~Elektra $40
    ~Punisher $40