• If you missed it at #MoCCAFest2016, you can still scoop the Gooey Mutant Sticker Pack. Link in the biodome.

  • #MoCCAFest2016 was my best time yet. Thanks to everyone who came by talked to us; and to @o_fishel @lauren.clemente and @trigonis for partying with me; and everyone who had such fantastic and diverse work at the showww

  • Realizing all of the new postcards I ordered are generally the same color scheme. #moccafest2016 #1001Knights #TalesofCaution #sharkattack #PrimaryColors4Lyf #colordumb

  • So, the two prints from #StyleOlympus Vol. 1, are of Artemis and Morpheus, or Kendrick Lamar and John Dwyer, respectively. 

    Signed and numbered, absolutely.


  • I keep asking, you, but I’m probably asking myself if I’m excited.

    For MoCCA Arts Fest. This weekend. Hah.

    Pick up Style Olympus, by me and Daniel Fishel, at A106.

    It’s a zine where we transform modern style guys into Greek Gods. This is John Dwyer (of Thee Oh Sees) as Morpheus. There will be a print of this one and one more. 

    Find out tomorrow.


  • Who’s excited to peel these stickers off my face at #MoCCAFest2016 this weekend

  • Next weekend, at MoCCA Arts Fest in NYC, you’ll be able to pick up a bunch of mutant pet baby stickers, including my very own Pongdog (as a lil’ devil)!

    Unfortunately, Pongdog himself won’t be at the festival, but now you can take something like him home with you. See ya next week!