• I’ve been very excited about the stamp I got made for bags at #MoCCAFestNYC2016

  • Making more monster pets. This is @mlmiotke’s Otis. Get a sticker at #MoCCAFestNYC2016

  • Admitting that #TalesofCaution won’t be out for #MoCCAFestNYC2016 but I have bigger plans for it now. I’ve actually started the story this time compared to last year’s depressing disaster. Still got cool stuff for April, including the steamy Style Gods zine @o_fishel and I are building, and more. Still excited; always workin. #makecomics

  • Maybe I’ll finish it later. #CammyWhite #KillerBee #StreetFighterV #DrawEveryDay

  • It was a long warm-up. #DrawEveryDay #TalesofCaution

  • Hey again.

    Made an EC-Comics-Style flyer for Black Wail’s “All You Can Eat” EP Release show next week at Lucky 7 in Jersey City.

    This is it.