Hello my name is Narciso. I'm an artist. I've made work for editorial, advertising, and posters. I started and led an art and literature magazine for like, five years. It was called Instigatorzine. I'm developing some original comics now.

Bread-making is threatening to take over my life. It's like a way of distracting me from thinking of the hard stuff. You know. In 2019, I traveled internationally for the first time as an adult. (I went to Portugal.) I've never broken a bone in my body, but I've got plenty of scars. I don't feel the need to share what my 3 tattoos are. I like pegboards and a utility workspace, but I like space for art on the walls, too? It's weird. I like riding my bicycle through cities. I'll wear a helmet, but I like the wind running through my hair.

I was born in Jersey City, NJ, (it's across the river from NYC for the geographically-challenged) but I recently moved to Detroit for a change of pace/purpose. See, I was working in NYC for three years at a place called Culture Fly, doing production/packaging design for licenses like Marvel, DC, Rick & Morty, Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, Game of Thrones, Fallout, Skyrim, etc. By the end of most days, I was depleted of energy to make work that felt fulfilling to me. So I packed up my things and decided to purpose my life to building what I want on my terms.

One British publication described my work as "menacing," so I lead with that sometimes, if you wanna put a word on it. I like working on paper, but digital is nice and mostly seamless. I also play a lot of Destiny 2 (PS4/PC) if you wanna meet me in the Crucible. Bye.


Selected client list: The Atlantic; NPR; In These Times; Science Friday; Black Wail; Capstone Publishing; Rock-it Docket; BUST Magazine; Go, Robo! Go!;  Snowlion Reperatory Company; New Jersey City University; Instigatorzine; Archetype Gallery; Art House Productions

Likes: Dogs, games, cooking, fresh air
Dislikes: A full sink, eating eggplant skin, signal delays

Solo shows:
Monstrance at 313 Gallery in Jersey City, NJ
MASKS at White Star in Jersey City, NJ
Tales of Caution at New Jersey City University

Selected group shows: 
U Up? at KO Studio Gallery in Hamtramck, MI

Little Wonders 10 at LITM in Jersey City, NJ
POLIS at Shuaspace in Jersey City, NJ
New Earth at 313 Gallery in Jersey City, NJ

Death Song at The Warehouse Cafe in Jersey City, NJ
Gentrification: The Changing Landscape of Jersey City at 313 Gallery in Jersey City, NJ
BOSS RUSH at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis, MN

MASSIVE: Big Things. Big Ideas. at LITM in Jersey City, NJ
The Ties That Bind at Union Republic in Jersey City, NJ
Animystics at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis, MN 

Legends of Laughter at The Beast in New York, NY
World's Finest at Northern Soul in Hoboken, NJ
Pretend of the Nerds at Northern Soul in Hoboken, NJ
I Love You, Man at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY 
Artists Assemble! at William V. Musto Centre in Union City, NJ


Small Wonders at LITM in Jersey City, NJ
The Instigatorzine Invitational at Art House Productions in Jersey City, NJ
Progression at Art House Productions in Jersey City, NJ


Nouns at Hudson Pride Center in Jersey City, NJ

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